In 2012, Coca-Cola spent $3.342 billion on advertising. In 2013, they spent $3.266 billion. In 2014, $3.499 billion. In comparison, PepsiCo spent $2.3 billion in 2014. Coca-Cola’s third major competitor, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc., spent $473 million in 2014. Due to the highly competitive nature of their industry, Coca-Cola spends enormous sums of money to advertise their product, and it’s working.

Why does Coca-Cola spend billions of dollars developing, refining, and promoting their brand? Because they understand that good branding is the reason why when you think “cola,” you think “Coca-Cola” and not “RC.” Pepsi, Coca-Cola, RC, and the rest of the “colas” are all very similar products, but Coca-Cola and Pepsi tower over the rest because they have invested in excellent branding.

Likewise, a good resume isn’t just a list of your professional skills and accomplishments; it’s a branding tool that distinguishes you from the hundreds of other people with similar backgrounds applying to the same position. A good resume helps you develop and “sell” your personal brand, which means more interviews, more job offers, and ultimately more money and more freedom to take your career in the direction you want. This is why you should consider your resume a serious investment; it’s one of the most financially important documents you will ever own. Don't forget, your resume services could also be tax deductible.

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