LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. Whether you’re looking to build your own business, aiming for a promotion, or wanting to land your first civilian job, LinkedIn is for anybody who’s interested in taking their professional lives seriously by finding new opportunities to grow their careers and professional network of contacts.

A wide network of contacts can be useful in many different ways. Many available jobs aren’t advertised very well, if at all, but you could find out about these job openings through your professional network. Maybe you’ve landed a job interview. You can ask around your network for information about your potential new employer. It is always best to know as much as possible about the hiring company and the person (or people) who will be interviewing you. These contacts could also personally recommend you to your future employer. Many jobs are also posted to LinkedIn directly from the hiring company or through recruiters. Using LinkedIn correctly is like attending a massive job fair.

Your LinkedIn can also be used as an extension to your resume. While your resume should be as concise as possible, your LinkedIn profile has no such constraints. LinkedIn gives you the freedom to share as much detail about your professional history as you’d like.

Sometimes a recruiter can connect with you on LinkedIn and ask for your resume. Other times they’ll read your resume then head straight to your LinkedIn. Either way, you should put your best foot forward on both fronts. If you're looking for professional LinkedIn writing services, Oracle Resumes can help. You’ll also find more articles on our site with tips to help you prepare for every stage of your job hunt.