The most important part of any resume is the actual content: the experiences, education, and training that make you more qualified for the position than everyone else. This can be a lot of information—incredibly important information about your life and everything you have done until now to work towards this targeted position. You don't want to leave anything out. You want to grab the reader’s attention, because you deserve this job, and if you can just stand out from the rest, you’ll get it.

But you need to stand out in the right way. You need to stand out because of your professional achievements, not because your resume is a work of art. Unless you’re applying for a position in graphic design, your future employer isn’t keeping your resume because it has the prettiest graphs. They aren't keeping your resume because the colors and pie charts woke them from their mind-numbing task of sorting through hundreds of resumes. They’re keeping your resume because it’s easy to read and sells your personal brand.

We’re not saying your resume can’t contain any color, personality, or creativity. You just have to present these things in a professional manner. You are trying to sell yourself here. You’re advertising your professional accomplishments, your education, and your industry experience. Advertise them in the right way.

If you try to sell your personal brand with flashy fads, colorful pie charts, and your favorite NFL team's colors, you are the local used car salesman. You're loud, and you have grabbed the wrong kind of attention; your resume is singled out for the trash. Don't be the used car salesman. Be the professional. You wouldn't wear a bright and colorful suit to your interview to "stand out" from the rest. You'd let your confidence, professionalism, and industry expertise speak for you. Whether you're applying for your first civilian job or aiming for that well-earned promotion, be professional. The quiet, qualified professional will always win over the loud, colorful clown.

If you're not sure how to sell yourself as the professional leader that you are, we want to help. You’ll find more articles on our site with tips help you prepare for every stage of your job hunt. Or if you're thinking about professional resume writing services, Oracle Resumes has competitive prices and package deals to fit your individual needs and budget.